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About me

On a personal note

I'm originally from Torino in Italy, I moved to the Netherlands for my university studies in 2015, and I haven't left since. After my bachelor's degree in Utrecht, I settled in Amsterdam.

In my free time, you can find me cooking or playing board games (check out my collection!).


I'm interested in web development with a focus on UX/UI design, but without sacrificing performance.

Fun fact: while I'm a web developer by trade, I studied economics first.

Amsterdam, NL

Full stack web developer

  • Developed and maintained a suite of Web Components for the organization's design system
  • Set up CI/CD pipeline for the review of Web Components in Storybook with temporary environments created on merge requests
  • Worked on the complete rewrite and redesign of RIPE Labs
  • Migrated legacy Pyramid applications to Django, increasing maintainability and performance

Haarlem, NL

Full stack web developer

I was hired at Steward Redqueen as a data science intern, but soon transitioned to a web developer role, as we started building web applications and dashboards as frontends to our economic models.

I learned a lot as I was the only in-house developer at the time so I couldn't delegate and I had to solve all issues on my own.

  • Developed economic models to calculate several impact measures, based on the research of senior colleagues
  • Built multiple React web applications with reusable components and interactive visualizations as a frontend to the model, accessible through a REST API built with Flask
  • Greatly improved offline behavior and performance by storing data in IndexedDB, instead of memory, as security requirements did not allow database storage server side
  • Containerized the applications for easier deployments


Utrecht University

Utrecht, NL

BSc Economics and Business Economics

  • Graduated cum laude from the honors program with a thesis on “The Effect of Performance on NBA Playerʼs Salaries”
  • Went on exchange at the University of Western Australia, and took computer science classes for the first time “Problem Solving & Programming” and “Systems Programming”


  • Italian: Native
  • English: Fluent
  • Spanish: Conversant









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